Collection Kookaburra coins the RARE P20 set

Salt Water Crocodile 1/10 oz mintage 7.500

Winston Churchill £500

Kilo sølv mønt oplag kun 170 stk i hele verden. pris 12.900 kroner

Kuba 7 Wonders of the World

7 stk 1/25 oz 999/1000 guld mønter i æske. Meget sjælden som sæt.

  • Rare coin mintage 999, 3 oz silver and 1/4 oz gold

    "Virgin of Vladimir" Masterpieces of Art 3 Oz Silver & 1/4 Oz Gold Coin
    Coin with 26 Swarovski crystals Inlaid
    Coin in capsule+with Certificate of Authenticity+BOX
    Coin contain 3 Oz silver and 1/4 Oz gold

  • My name is Peter

    I am a collector of rare coins that I buy as investment. I am changing my collection into even more rare items and I sell everything at reasonable prices. I live in Denmark but can send worldwide.

  • Rare collaction Russian Mega coins, 1,11 kilo! Mintage is 1000 pcs.

    This combination of 100 rubels in display box with three more coins is extremely rare. I am the only one on the market that has any for sale. But hurry! Only 2 sets available,