1761 Denmark, Frederik V, 12 Mark, gold, RARE VH mintmark & overdate Ducat €1100,-

Apart from a nice head of hair, indication of extra fine quality, this coin has the rare VH mintmark instead of the much more common K or W. Some signs of circulation but very fine lettering too.
Another thing is to notice that it appears to be 61 over 60, even more rare. I am not an expert in overstrikes, so you must make up your mind. It seems to me clearly an signs of 0 under the 1.
Numista rates the VH mark as RARE.
1761 K;W km# 587.5
1761 VH;W km# 587.3 - Rare
1761 W;W km# 587.4Country Denmark
King Frederick V (1746-1766)Type Standard circulation coin
Years 1757-1765
Value 12 Mark = 1 Ducat Courant (2)
Currency Rigsdaler specie (1625-1813)
Composition Gold (.875)
Weight 3.12 g
Diameter 21 mm
Shape Round
Orientation Medal alignment ↑↑
Demonetized 27-05-1873
References KM# 587, Fr# 269 

7,500.00 kr.