ADD-ON tilbud 2012 Nederland Vincent sølv mønt €5

ADD-ON: (Må tilføje til ordre hvis du køber noget andet)

5 euro silver piece are emblematic both of the Dutch tradition of unusual coinage as well as of Van Gogh's characteristic Postimpressionist style. Both the obverse and reverse make use of the placement
and concentration of a key word to simulate the slashing brush strokes from which the artist created beauty out of a cacophony of light and color. On the obverse, the head of Queen Beatrix is made of the words "KONINGEN DER NEDERLANDEN" (Queen of the Netherlands). The name "VAN GOGH" is used to the same effect on the reverse, where the artist is seen as he is in one of his famous self-portraits.

The silver 5 euro is made of .925 (sterling) silver, weighs 11.99 grams and is 29 mm in diameter.

99,00 kr.