China Ming Dynasty Terracotta Large Tomb Guard on Horseback € 2395,-

Unique Guard on Horseback from Ming period in original condition. View pictures from all sides, what you see is what you get.Party glazed in the few colours of that period, rest painted. Not cleaned more than you can see, and I would advice against cleaning further, except removing dust with soft brush. Be adviced that cleaning with water can damage.
This is part of a collection that I bought some time ago. I have many more but this set is unique as all figures are. They seem to be based on people that existed in the persons life. Authentic China Ming DynastyTerracotta Tomb Servants & Guardians,Procession Attendees

About 35 cm in height. Note: as with all large figures, the head is loose and can turn in any direction.

14,550.00 kr.