1722-1735 Chinese antique huge coin silver, 72 mm, weight 96 gram

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__正寶 雍元Reads 雍正 Qing Emperor Yongzheng 元寶 monetary coin. 

He reigned 1722-1735.

This large medal looks like a vault protector. But it seems certainly antique or even (much) older than 100 years. For me impossible to say. It comes from an estate sale, how long it has been in the family? And history in China???

Clear signs of age and use, I did not clean it, and it is not struck like a coin, but totally engraved by hand. Some bumps here and there as one could expect with a silver item. Large as well as heavy, with a clear silver sound. It must have a high silver content. So far nobody can offer more details, my quess is it may well be hundreds of years old and while the dragon side remained the same, the signs of the other side may have been altered, I presume from one family member to the next. My guesswork is not what you are buying, you must make up your own mind.
Medal 72 mm, 96 grams, with high pitched silver sound, oriental.
No returns or complaints, I have supplied clear pictures and video so what you see is what you will receive.
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