Deactivated antique American Nickel Plated Smith & Wesson Model No 2 Army € 2450

Revolver, 6 shot, .32 Rimfire caliber, Pocket model, rare in this condition. ca. 28 cm long six shooter from the civil war period. Rosewood grips in original finish.

Manufactured from 1861 to 1874. It has the one-line rib address, patent marking on the cylinder, matching assembly number on the barrel and cylinder, right grip panel numbered to the gun and standard sights. The revolver has a full nickel finish. According to Supica and Nahas, only 10% of the total Old Army revolver production were nickel plated.

After the civil war, these revolvers were often used by cardplayers who stacked the deck so they would win. In case they were found out, they could shoot their way out.

15,750.00 kr.