Japanese Meiji Genryusai Seiya Bronze Elephant and Tigers €5250,-

MAKE OFFER! Japanese Meiji Genryusai Seiya bronze elephant and tigers, circa 1890. This moving and detailed bronze grouping depicts a savage attack by two viscous tigers on an Asian male elephant that refuses to go down without a fight.

 The hand chiseling on this work is most probably by the Seiya of Genryusai and there is a stamp on the bronze by the artist.
imposing Japanese Meiji period bronze study of an Elephant being attacked by two Tigers, this Okimono is certainly exhibition size and quality and has been signed by one of the leading artists at the well-known Seiya factory , a staggering quality lifelike Elephant rears up to protect himself from a pair of Marauding Tigers, the Tigers striations as well as the Elephants Ears and Trunk have been patinated in a reddish bronze colour for contrast , the Elephants bronze Tusks measure almost 7 cm in length, this qualifies as the finest quality by quite some distance , artist signed in a seal to the underside of the belly.

The tigers have glass eyes, very striking details! This is part of a series of elephant and tigers statues, in my opinion this is certanly one of the best! Please note that some are smaller, like 22 cm, this one is twice that size with much nicer details. The only real sign of wear I can see is the tail of one of the tigers, but the pictures speak for themselvels. WILL BE SEND FULLY INSURED! EU BUYERS; NO DUTY OR VAT!

  • Dimensions: Height with base: ca. 44 cm
  • Width with base: ca. 45 cm

35,000.00 kr.