Listed German Artist Emil Brehm (1880-1954) Harbor Scene Oil Painting €820,-

70x50 cm including the thin list. Listed German Artist Emil Brehm (1880-1954) Harbor Scene Oil Painting. The painting has some cracking, as many of his painting of this period show. If cared for and cleaned, it would look even better!

Harbor Scene with Boats at the Harbor" Oil Painting on canvas signed by 19th/20th century German Artist E. Brehm in lower left. Emil Brehm was a German painter that lived between 1880-1954. This appears to be a painting of European coastal inlet possibly Mediterranean but most likely Norther/Easter Europe Baltic Sea (could well be Bornholm) area showing small fishing port line. Note the the beautiful shades and riches of the sky coming together with the color of the water creating "blue" harmony of colors.

Overall painting is in good condition; canvas shows vintage wear some craquelure throughout but little or no paint loss. Paint colors are strong and vivid almost three dimensional yet professional canvas cleaning would be welcomed. If you have been to that part of the world or are inspired by this peaceful harbor and fishing town consider this work.

5,500.00 kr.