Morgan sølv dollars 1885+1886+1887+ 1888 4 stk. i meget flot stand!

Land Run, Geronimo, Burrow gang robs their first train, Belle Star murdered.

1885 Sep 2 Years of racial tension, aggravated by labor unrest over the preferential hiring of Chinese immigrants for very low wages, come to a head in the Rock Springs massacre, which leaves at least 28 Chinese coal miners dead at the hands of white miners in the town of Rock Springs, Wyoming.
1886 Jack Langrishe, a popular western entertainer, is elected justice in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.
Feb 18 Dave Rudabaugh, a former member of Billy the Kid's Dodge City Gang, is reportedly captured and decapitated by townspeople after terrorizing the village of Parral, Mexico.
Mar 21 The "Big Fight" takes place in Tascosa, Texas, when three ex-members of Pat Garrett's "Home Rangers" are killed by rival ranch hands and gunmen.

Aug 7 Fort Fred Steele, used to protect railroads from local Native American tribes in the Wyoming Territory, is closed.
Aug 20 Fort Duchesne is officially opened by Major Frederick William Benteen in the Utah Territory.

Sep 4 Apache renegade Geronimo surrenders to forces under General Nelson Miles and is taken into custody at Fort Grant, Arizona. His surrender is often considered the end of the Apache Wars.[173]
Winter The extremely harsh winter of 1886-87 devastates the American cattle industry, leading to the end of the open range era. As a result, cattle ranching is completely reorganized and the period of the great cattle drives is over.
Dec 1 Brothers Jim and Rube Burrow rob their first train in Bellevue, Texas.

1887 Feb 8 The Dawes Act is signed into law by President Grover Cleveland, permitting the federal government to divide communal Native American lands into privately owned allotments and to grant United States citizenship to individual allottees. Intended as a way to modernize the reservation system and assimilate Native Americans into mainstream society, the act forces the sale and redistribution of nearly 90 million acres of Indian lands in the West to white settlers and commercial interests over the next five decades.
Luke Short kills former Fort Worth, Texas Marshal Jim Courtright in a gunfight on the streets of Fort Worth. The shooting is ruled self-defense, since Courtright drew his pistol first.

Dec 18 Richard Wetherill and his brother-in-law discover the Cliff Palace of Mesa Verde in southwestern Colorado.
1889 Jan 12 During the Gray County War, a shootout erupts in Cimarron, Kansas when a party led by Bill Tilghman raids the Old Gray County Courthouse in an attempt to bring the county records to the neighboring town of Ingalls.[178]
Feb 3 Belle Starr is murdered in Oklahoma.
Apr 22 An estimated 50,000 homesteaders rush to claim nearly two million acres of unoccupied land appropriated for public settlement from ceded Native American territory in what is now central Oklahoma. It is the first of several major land runs in the region 

Years 1878-1921
Value 1 Dollar
1 USD = 6.15 DKK
Currency Dollar (1785-date)
Composition Silver (.900)
Weight 26.73 g
Diameter 38.1 mm
Thickness 2.40 mm
Shape Round
Orientation Coin alignment ↑↓
References KM# 110 

2.150,00 kr.