ca. 1880 P Webley & Sons London & Birmingham officer revolver

Antik model 27 cm, ca. 1880. FP stempel og nr 87322 og flere ukendte meget interessante  markings

The Webley R.I.C. No. 1 .455 CF Revolver (Royal Irish Constabulary) was first manufactured in 1872. This blued steel revolver is a double-action only pistol that fired a .455 caliber bullet from a rifled barrel. A swing-out ejector rod, located under the barrel, a checkered hammer, and hinged loading gate are all made of stainless steel. This pistol has a two-piece checkered walnut pistol grip with a lanyard swivel on the butt of the grip. The revolver has a fixed silver front blade and groove rear sight. Please note: The closure of the bullet loading part does not stay closed.

13.700,00 kr.